Conservation Easement Workshop

“The Cibolo Conservancy Land Trust, in partnership with the Hill Country Alliance, is hosting a landowner workshop on Friday, August 25, 2017 from 2-5pm at the Cibolo Nature Center Auditorium in Boerne. This workshop will focus on conservation easements — a tool available to help landowners steward and protect their land investment in the long term.

Conservation easements are one of the most flexible and effective means to protect private property. A conservation easement is a voluntary legal agreement that ensures a property will forever be conserved according to the landowner’s wishes. No public access is required. This agreement is negotiated between the landowner and the land trust organization which is responsible for monitoring and enforcing the terms of the conservation easement agreement.” (Hill Country Alliance)

Click here to learn more about the upcoming workshop.

The attorneys at Braun & Gresham have great knowledge and experience with conservation easements. Attorney Thomas Hall (now of counsel) and Principal Attorney David Braun have presented at numerous conservation easement workshops, and have been successfully representing landowners through this complex process for years. Many landowners are concerned about conserving special natural features on their land like streams, wetlands, caves, sinkholes and endangered species habitat. Braun & Gresham has a successful track record of identifying and selling these valuable features while helping families keep their land for recreation and agriculture. In fact, David Braun and Cassie Gresham played an integral part in the conservation of the well-known Dahlstrom Ranch in Buda. Click here to read the success stories.

To learn more about conservation easements, take a look at our informational page here, or call us at 512-894-5426 to discuss if a conservation easement is the right path for you and your land.

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