The world depends on oil and gas, and new sources are in constant demand. Areas of Texas hold the potential for some of the biggest oil and gas development of this century and Texas landowners are sure to benefit. But energy companies don’t start off offering their best deal in an oil and gas lease. Unwary landowners can leave money on the table and inadvertently agree to unnecessary intrusions on their land. If you have been contacted about a mineral lease, pipeline easement, or other oil and gas development activity, don’t be rushed into signing complex legal documents for a quick payday. Braun & Gresham understands the complexities of negotiating an oil and gas lease, and is dedicated to maximizing the value of your land, as well as protecting it for the future.

Oil and Gas Lease Negotiation

The Eagle Ford Shale holds the potential for some of the most significant oil and gas development of the 21st century. If you own land or mineral rights in the area shaded in the map below, you may be contacted about an oil and gas lease (mineral lease), pipeline easement or other oil and gas development activity. Contact us today to see that the value of your assets are maximized, while your rights are protected.

Entering into an oil and gas lease is a complex process. As a landowner, you need an attorney that’s a skilled negotiator, and who understands the law and the leasing process. A mineral lease can last several years, so it’s important that you protect your property, your rights, and legacy from the very beginning.

As a firm dedicated to representing owners of rural land, Braun & Gresham, PLLC understands that your land is one of your greatest assets. We will work tirelessly to negotiate a surface use agreement that protects what you value most about your land. It is also critical that landowners negotiate surface use protections before signing an oil and gas lease. Braun & Gresham, PLLC can facilitate appropriate monitoring of your land to ensure that the terms of your lease agreement are properly followed.
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