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About Braun & Gresham

We are advocates for you and your land.

Braun & Gresham, PLLC provides expert legal counsel and practical advice for owners of rural property nationwide. We use traditional resources in innovative ways to help our clients protect and create new value in their land.

Recent News

Texas Ecolab: A Compelling Alternative For Rural Landowners Paying Market Value Property Taxes 

Apr 19, 2016 | No Comments

Owning rural land in Texas can be an expensive endeavor, especially if the landowner is paying market value property taxes on their rural land.  This occurs when landowners purchase a new property or inherit a property that doesn’t have an … Continue reading

The Importance Of A Carefully Developed Estate Plan

Apr 19, 2016 | No Comments

The most frequent comments I hear are, “We thought about getting our wills done, but we got too busy,” or “We put off getting wills because it was so hard to decide who would be our Executor or guardian for … Continue reading

Establishing Access to Land-Locked Property

Apr 19, 2016 | No Comments

The rural landscape of Texas is becoming more and more fragmented as ranches are split up and sold to third parties or divided among family members. One unintended consequence of this fragmentation is that inadvertently land-locked properties are on the … Continue reading

Estate Planning with Blended Families

Dec 8, 2015 | No Comments

It is estimated that about 65% of remarriages in America involve children, making them what we have come to call “blended families.” These families face unique challenges in planning how to protect loved ones and pass on assets to the … Continue reading

Patrick Reznik to Host Webinar 12/2 and 12/3 About New Transmission Line

Nov 24, 2015 | No Comments

Houston County Electric Cooperative has applied to build a new transmission line, “Mustang Prairie to Weldon”, in Houston County. The 138-kV proposed line will be roughly 15 miles long and require a 110 ft wide easement. If you have recently … Continue reading

Who Do You Give Your Land To When You Have No Heirs?

Oct 12, 2015 | 2 Comments

I’ve recently counseled a client who owned a large ranch, but didn’t know what to do with the land when she died. She had no children or extended family but she deeply loved her land and wanted the land protected … Continue reading