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About Braun & Gresham

We are advocates for you and your land.

Braun & Gresham, PLLC provides expert legal counsel and practical advice for owners of rural property nationwide. We use traditional resources in innovative ways to help our clients protect and create new value in their land.

Recent News

Part 3 in the Condemnation Process: Special Commissioners’ Court- When Settlement Negotiations are Not Enough

Feb 2, 2015 | No Comments

Patrick L. Reznik, an attorney with Braun & Gresham, answers a few common questions about the rights of Texas landowners threatened by eminent domain, a process by which private and public entities condemn private lands to build transmission lines, pipelines, … Continue reading

New Year, New Thresholds for Estate Planning

Jan 19, 2015 | No Comments

New Year, New Thresholds for Estate Planning The new year brings a cost-of-living  increase in contribution limits  for 401(k) accounts.  For many of you, a large portion of savings is done through deferred-tax accounts such as IRAs and 401(k) accounts. … Continue reading

Estate Planning Through Life Changes

Dec 8, 2014 | No Comments

The birth of a child.  The passing of a parent.  An empty nest.  These are important milestones as we journey through life.  At these turning points, developing or re-evaluating an estate plan should be a priority.  Change drives the need … Continue reading

The Colorado Connection

Dec 8, 2014 | No Comments

  Texas landowners should be aware that Braun & Gresham can provide legal services in Colorado as well as Texas.  A senior attorney at the firm, Thomas Hall, is licensed in Colorado and has practiced there since 1998.  We are … Continue reading

Negotiating New Easements

Oct 13, 2014 | No Comments

Companies, through eminent domain laws, continue to threaten condemnation and  “take” an easement from Texas landowners. Landowners and attorneys often focus just on the compensation and give little attention to the easement language. Easements give utility and pipeline companies the … Continue reading

Water Issues Every Broker of Rural Land Should Know

Sep 30, 2014 | One Comment

Margaret Menicucci is partnering with the Texas Association of Realtors to host an educational webinar for commercial realtors entitled, “Water Issues Every Broker of Rural Land Should Know”. This webinar will take place on October 29, from 10:00 am to … Continue reading