Federal Estate Tax Clarity Under New Reform

Federal Estate Tax Clarity Under New Reform By Margaret Menicucci, Attorney & Counselor You need a crystal ball to know how future tax reform will change current estate tax exemptions and rates. But, you don’t need a crystal ball to … Continue reading

Specialists in Eminent Domain Know How the Other Side Thinks

Specialists in Eminent Domain Know How the Other Side Thinks By Shane Neldner, Attorney & Counselor When the government, or a pipeline or powerline company, wants to take part or all of your property, they start off friendly, but pretty … Continue reading

Will vs. Trust: A Quick & Simple Reference Guide

Confused about the differences between wills and trusts? If so, you’re not alone. While it’s always wise to contact experts like us, it’s also important to understand the basics. Here’s a quick and simple reference guide: What Revocable Living Trusts … Continue reading

A Recap of the Texas Legislative Session

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A Recap of the Texas Legislative Session By Jenna Brockman, Legal Assistant May 29th marked the end of the 85th Texas Legislative Session. Over 10,000 bills were introduced in the House and Senate this session; almost 5,000 bills passed, and … Continue reading

Business Succession Planning: Are You Prepared?

While sitting at your desk, you look around the office. You enjoy the sight of what you have created. That moment when you realize you have built this business from the ground up and succeeded. Life is good. But as … Continue reading

Condemnation for the US-Mexico Border Wall

Condemnation for the US-Mexico Border Wall Texans on the southern border have begun receiving letters from the Department of Homeland Security. These letters contain a 21-page document called a “Declaration of Taking” informing the landowner receiving it that his or … Continue reading

Funding Trusts: Is There Fuel in the Car?

A coherent strategy for the transfer of assets is, of course, crucial to the success of any estate plan. But our best-laid plans will fall far short of expectations if the trusts we’ve so carefully drafted are never properly funded. … Continue reading

Questions to Ask When Purchasing Rural Property

Ask Questions When Purchasing Rural Land: When you are buying a property with an open space valuation (i.e. agricultural, timber, wildlife or Ecolab) there are important questions to ask the seller. Many buyers and their agents treat the open space … Continue reading

730-Mile EPIC Pipeline to Connect Permian Basin to Corpus Christi

EPIC Pipeline Three companies have entered into a joint venture to build the EPIC pipeline; a 730-mile crude oil and condensate pipeline that will link the oil fields of the Permian Basin in West Texas to refineries and marine terminals … Continue reading

Bills Seek to Increase the Rights of Texas Landowners Facing Condemnation

Several bills have been filed by Senator Lois Kolkhorst this Legislative session that seek to increase the rights of Texas landowners facing condemnation. Three of these bills are Senate Bill 740, Senate Bill 741, and Senate Bill 742. Senate Bill … Continue reading